NASDAQ data driven cardboard pavilion to tell the story of the legends of Silicon Valley. Designed and built for the exhibition - Silicon Valley: The Lure and The legends at Los Altos History Museum .   

 This is work I did with everyone while working at Machine Histories, a Los Angeles based Design and build company. Its founders Jason and Steve have been doing curious work that blends the boundary of the physical, digital and magical.


NASDAQ data form explorations

Cloud 9 case study

Gaudi would be proud


Feral Metal

A different kind of metal


NASDAQ Data driven exhibition design

Made of cardboards

Ambient panels

Site specific design and fabrication


Pop-up space

A spontanious meet n greet


Haptic garden

A hydroponic sound experience



form by interlacing long threads passing in one direction with others at a right angle to them.


dye data dye

We are the ultimate translators of data

I simply love drawing